Parent Mentoring-
The Path to a Stress-Free, Calm Home

Are you completely overwhelmed and under constant stress by the unpredictability of your child’s tantrums, the the conflict you experience as a family, the attention seeking behaviour, constantly asking for stuff?

Are you all walking on eggshells, your sleep is disturbed, and all you ever her from your child is ‘I want I want I want’ and how you are not able to say no, and not understanding why and not knowing what to do.

I hear you, how despite doing your best, you can do, you feel helpless, lost nothing you do is ever enough.

As a parent with a family, I know the ups and downs of running a home, running relationships and at times how we can sometimes feel like running away.

The good news is that you are not alone and you don’t have to do this on your own either!

The philosophy is that ‘All Behaviour Makes Sense ‘the principle that children/teens are not out to make life difficult for us parents, but are in fact showing us by their behaviours, how difficult life is for them. In my work with parents the focus is on, understanding the ‘thoughts feelings and intentions behind each behaviour so that problematic behaviour is no longer needed.

 In my experience as a Parent Mentor, Children/teens are flying these flags of distress in the hope that someone will notice and help them. If these flags are flown in vain then their behaviours will increase, resulting in the child being perceived as troublesome, difficult, bold, attention seeking or being labelled or drugged.

It is imperative that we recognise the thoughts feelings and intentions behind these behaviours, so the children/teens no longer need these behaviours be it tantrums, acting in or acting out,from toddler tantrums to teen tantrums, refusal to go to school, ADHD, ADD, OCD DYSPRAXIA, DYSLEXIA, Depression, Suicide, Self-harming Drugs and Alcohol use.


One to One Parent Mentoring

In these sessions I help you to recognise the thoughts feelings and intentions behind your children/teens challenging behaviours and encourage and support you as a parent to reflect on how you parent. 


Parenting Self and Children Course

This 6-session course provides a safe space and learning container for parents to understand that parenting starts with the self and to learn to effectively communicate and understand difficult behaviours when it arises in the family unit. 


Understanding The Teenage Years Course

A training course for adults who have responsibility to teenagers. This course seeks to help parents, and other significant adults in the lives of teenagers to understand the world of teenagers.

BSc Psychotherapy, Middlesex University
Dip. Parent Mentoring, UCC
Dip. Effective Communication, UCC
Member of IARM (The Irish Association of
Relationship Mentors)
Dip: Play Therapy Ptirl (Play Therapy Ireland).

Elaine Lynch

Parent Mentor & Founder of

I'm a mother of two who understands that being a parent is no easy job. I am incredibly passionate about the work I do, because there are so many parents out there who feel lost, who need help, direction and support.  It's the reason why I founded, a specialised parent mentoring service supporting families, children and teens. 

Mentoring is about understanding the thoughts, feelings and intentions behind behaviours encouraging and supporting parents to reflect on how they parent.

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Customer Testimonials

I am extremely lucky to have met Elaine, her expertise in parent mentoring saved my life.

Linda, mother of 13 and 15 year old teens, Dublin

I found Elaine’s parent mentoring of enormous benefit. It was a lifeline that enabled me to learn how to handle obstacles in my life, and with Elaine’s mentoring I was able to gain confidence and belief in myself to make positive changes which, in turn brought fantastic opportunity into my life and my children’s.

Aileen, mother of two young boys, Dublin

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