One-to-One Family Support to help Parents create a family environment that promotes self-esteem..

What ties us all together as a family is a solid family relationship? How we relate to each other is the bed rock of a happy, joyful home. How we communicate with each other is critical. Communication, open, honest communication can be difficult. We all carry baggage, family baggage can come down through generations, and it’s not easy.

In the One-to-One Parenting Mentor sessions I help you recognise the thoughts feelings and intentions behind your children/teens challenging behaviours. so that they can be addressed and no longer need these behaviours going forward

What One-to-One Sessions Encompass:

  • Empowering parents who are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted anxious
  • Supporting parents who feel alone or isolated in their parenting.
  • Assisting parents who are frustrated around parenting matters.
  • Talk about different solutions there can be to parenting problems.
  • Enabling parents through guidance support and information.
  • Creating a space for parents who feel that their parenting skills are inadequate and are too embarrassed to talk to anyone.
  • Providing support and encouragement to allow a child to find their own way in the world.
  • Facilitating parents to understand their own needs, children’s needs and enhance family life.
  • Building strong relationships with children

Are You Ready For a Calm & Happy Family?

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