"Self-Esteem The Key to Your Child's Future"


Every parent wants their children to grow up with good self-esteem and have a happy life, socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

The key to parenting is to understand the thoughts and feelings that lead to certain behaviours. This course will teach you to understand not only your children but also yourself, which leads to better communication and ultimately a calmer, happier life for the whole family. 

You will learn a lot of tools in this course that will help you create a safe and happy environment in your home. 

What We'll Cover In This Course

  • Family Relationships and Feelings
  • Helping children to become response-able -The behavioural development of children
  • Family Communication I
  • Family Communication II
  • Children’s challenging behaviours I
  • Children’s Challenging Behaviours II
  • A Different kind of discipline. 



6 Week Course on"Effective Parenting"


Starting Thursday the 20th of January 2022 Time: 7 pm-9pm The Parish Centre Beechpark Lawn Castleknock 

Effective Parenting Course: Covers Self-Care. Family Communication, A Different Kind of Discipline, Understanding Challenging Behaviors.

Your Investment: € 150.