Understanding The Teenage Years Course

The Teenage Years bring lots of different challenges to parenting. Teenagers start experimenting with individuality and coming into themselves.

Often times this comes with a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunication between parents and teenagers. 

This course helps parents understand the thoughts and feelings behind their teenagers' behaviour and helps to learn tools to navigate this often difficult developmental stage of children. 

What We'll Cover In This Course

  • The Challenges of Teenagers Finding Independence/The Many Stages on the way to Independence,
  • ‘Adults Know Nothing’: A Wise Illusion of Teenager
  • Being one’s real self, A Key Challenge for Teenagers and Parents
  • Key dimensions of Parenting Self and Teenagers
  • Expressing individuality, A Key Process in the Teenage Years
  • Fostering responsibility in teenagers
  • Teenagers sense of belonging and its influence on School Achievement
  • Practising clear and direct communication.
  • Teenagers who are Troubled and Troublesome
  • What Most Alarms- Teenage Addictions
  • Endings – Letting Go and Leave- Taking
  • The importance of boundaries in the Parent Teenager relationship
  • Teenage Sexual Self Expression

What's Included

Understanding Teenagers

This is a 8 week course where we will meet as a group on a weekly basis to learn everything you need to understand your teenager better and create better communication in the home.